About Us

MOND AVIATION SHOP is your one-stop specialty online shop that carries aviation and airplane-centered products and items. We cater to a wide market range from aviation enthusiasts, airplane geeks, aviators, future aviators, and anyone who simply would just love to have a piece of aviation in their lives.

There is simply no need to go from shop to shop to find different aviation items. From airplane models to aviation-themed apparel to kiddie items and to even pilot supplies, we aim to have everything here, (well except for actual planes).

Our business is built around our passion and love for airplanes and aviation, and we want to share this with others.


The MOND AVIATION SHOP is a result of my passion and love for airplanes which had stemmed when I was a little boy. It is an answered prayer after dreaming and hoping to be where my heart had always belonged, airplanes and aviation. This way, I can share with everyone my love for airplanes and spread more appreciation for this industry.

As they say, when God closes a door, He opens a window. It all started when I was a little boy who wanted to become a pilot.

It all started from a dream and passion

I was born in 1978 and grew up in a typical family of the 80s. Internet was never heard of that time and all we had were books and toys to entertain us. It all started when my uncle gave me a toy F-15 Eagle. I was about 4 years old at that time. For some reason, I was truly fascinated by it. The F-15 toy became my favorite, and I would sleep with it. This toy became my comfort zone.

My father noticed this love of mine for airplanes so he showed me some books about them. We are talking about military aircraft books such as the F-15 of course which was my favorite, the F-16, the F-4 Phantom, and a lot more. I was also given more airplane toys. So for a kid who was supposed to read nursery rhymes and short stories for children, here I was, staring at books about airplanes. I would also get my toys and imagine flying them.

Mond Ortiz F-5

In elementary, I was known by my teachers and classmates who talked nothing and drew nothing but airplanes. Yes, it was irritating to some of them. Whenever I was asked "what do you want to be when you grow up", I would always say "pilot"!

My love for airplanes further grew in 1987 when I took my very first plane ride from Manila to Baguio on board a Philippine Airlines Hawker Siddeley 748. This was followed by a flight from Manila to Cebu on a PAL Airbus A300B4 and from Manila to Legaspi on a PAL BAC1-11. To be honest, I was more excited to ride these planes than to go and see new places.

These teachers who I am still in touch with today keep saying "we will always remember you as that student who was obsessed with planes." 

Saying goodbye to becoming a pilot

As I grew older going towards high school and college, I realized that becoming a pilot would be a pipe dream for me. I then decided to go for my second option which was to have my own business. I took up an entrepreneurial course at the University of Asia and the Pacific and graduated in 2002. I then entered the corporate world.

As time went by, I felt that I was no longer happy. Yes working as a sales account manager for a telco company does help us grow, I felt that I was simply waking up in the morning and doing something I didn't enjoy because of money. However while on the job, there was something I realized, aviation remained in my bloodstream. 

My corporate sales job in the telco industry brought me to various clients of the company I worked for. Two of them were Air Philippines Inc. and Philippine Airlines. Whenever I would visit these clients, 20% of the time was about their telco requirements and 80% was all about airplanes. Every week, I made sure to do company visits because those were the only times that I would get closest to an aircraft in a hangar.

An unexpected comeback

There was no chance for me to work for or with the airline industry, and so I thought. In 2009 when I was heavily involved with the Manila nightlife scene as a club DJ and event organizer, I was allowed to organize a flight attendant night! Of course, I was excited not because these people are in the airline industry, but because I know flight attendants are good-looking women!

From then on, I kept organizing them in 2011, 2012, and so on. Never did I realize that I was slowly being led closer to my aviation dream. In 2013, I placed up an FA event company named Flyhigh Manila Event Productions Inc. with a close friend Albert Alday. To be honest, it never made money. However, it opened another opportunity - social media. 

We would post random pictures of flight attendants on the social media page of Flyhigh Manila. Our followers then grew and grew, eventually making it the most popular Filipino cabin crew social media page. Not only were we posting pictures, but content as well about becoming a flight attendant.

From flight attendants to the whole airline industry

As I learned more about the life of flight attendants, I also learned more about the airline industry. Due to the growth of followers, airlines began inviting us to their respective events such as cabin crew graduations. This opened the opportunity to be a social media partner-in-industry with various airlines. I met key people from the aviation industry and was led closer to airplanes.

This was when I felt I was doing something right, and I was right where my heart belongs. I made connections with pilots, aircraft mechanics, engineers, and airline officials. Indeed, first love never dies, and I am truly happy that I am back. While I was never able to achieve my once-goal of becoming a pilot, I found my way back to the sky in some other form. I am happy.

However, I felt that there was something more that I can do, and that was to share my love for aviation beyond social media.

The idea of putting up an aviation store was then born.

A pandemic brought an opportunity

The pandemic had us all quarantined at home and there was no way for us to go out. 2020 was perhaps the worst year for me, the year when Covid struck. A year which to me was a total nightmare. I almost lost my mother from Covid in August 2020. Our whole family was brought down by this disease.

After going through tough times and as my mom recovered from covid, I thought of doing something else beyond social media. Something in which I can still share my passion for aviation. Aha! Why not sell airplane-related products?

First of all, I still get to share my passion for airplanes with others. Second, it was now time to use what I learned during college, owning a business. Third, it even brings me closer to airplanes.

In September 2021, I then decided to put up the MOND AVIATION SHOP with one end goal in mind. This is to bring aviation closer to everyone's heart and homes. All I had in mind was a one-stop-shop for all your airplane and aviation items.

Vision: Bringing aviation closer to every Filipino's heart and home.

Mission: To be a one-stop-shop where you can find every item related to aviation and airplanes.