Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver nationwide (Philippines). What are your methods of delivery? We deliver via our choice of courier company to ensure that all items are well taken care of during transit. We make sure that our courier services can handle fragile items such as aircraft scale models.

How long is the delivery period?

Delivery takes 2 to 3 working days for orders within NCR and 3 to 5 working days outside NCR. Please do make sure that your delivery address provided is correct to avoid unnecessary delays.

Do you accept COD (Cash on Delivery)?

Yes, we accept COD-based orders.



Do you have a Shopee or Lazada store so we can just order from there to save on shipping costs?

Our Shopee store is only limited to a few products such as lanyards, keychains, and apparel, basically non-fragile items. This is because we want to ensure that all products are delivered to you in perfect condition, the way they were when they left the warehouse.

There are some items that I want that are not in your catalog. Would you be able to help me find them?

Yes, you may request an item, not in our catalog but there are no guarantees that we will be able to find it. Please do note however that this is a special order and prices including delivery fees are different from those on the online store. Just click here to request an item.



What are your return, refund, and cancellation policy?

We will only refund in case the item you have paid for is out of stock and you are not willing to wait. This is for orders paid using credit cards and Gcash.

We are going to return and exchange your item on the following conditions:

  • Damages on items incurred during transit or released before delivery.
  • Wrong item sent.

I placed an order already but I suddenly changed my mind. May I cancel and just change my order instead?

Once the item has been shipped out, you can no longer change or modify your order. You may however add more items but will be considered as another order.

The item I received is the incorrect one. What will I do?

You may return it to us and we will send back the correct item. We will take care of all delivery and courier fees.

Can I just refund if I receive the incorrect item from the one I originally ordered?

We will exchange the wrong item for the correct one. The only time we will refund is if the item you ordered is confirmed out of stock.

There are some damages on the item I received. Can I return this instead?

It is our policy to always check every item we send out before they are released for delivery. We make sure to take pictures of every item released to be sure they are in good condition. If the order you have received has any damage, please do take pictures of it first and send them to us. If it is proven that we sent a damaged item or the damage was incurred during transit, we will change your item with no additional costs on your end.



Do you accept Cash-On-Delivery (COD)?

Yes we accept COD for all orders except for special or indent orders not found in our catalog.

What are your other payment methods?

We also accept payment via credit/debit card, Gcash, Paymaya, PayPal, and bank deposit. You will need to send proof of payment such as screenshots for Gcash, Paymaya, and bank deposit payments.

Can you deliver first the item and then if everything is correct, that is the time I will send the payment?

No. We will only ship out the item if payment via Gcash, Paymara, and bank deposit have been verified and confirmed. For COD, the courier will not release the item if payment has not been remitted.