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RARE PRODUCT RELEASE: AirPhil Express Airbus A320 1:400 Die Cast Model

As an aircraft scale model collector, we understand that you would always want the rarest model in your shelf and display. One of them must be the AirPhil Express Airbus A320 made by Gemini Jets. While this one was in mass-production before, this is now a rare gem that many die cast collectors want to get their hands on.

This particular model is now a collector's item due to various reasons. First, the airline "AirPhil Express" is no longer existing after it was rebranded to PAL Express and eventually merged with the Philippine Airlines branding. Of course, we would always want a piece of Philippine aviation history!

Secondly, this is an exact copy of AirPhil Express plane bearing registry RP-C3227, which is 1 of 2 A320s that joined the AirPhil Express fleet in 2010 when the airline brand was newly launched. The aircraft itself served Philippine Airlines in 2004 until being transfered to AirPhil Express in 2010.

Third, Gemini Jets no longer makes this product and it is rare to have a brand new unit! Plus, we only have one left! Purchasing a brand new one is extremely hard and the ones you can easily get are most likely used ones.

Inspected and delivered with care

Since this is a rare find, we made sure that this GJ AirPhil Express A320 is of top condition. Before releasing it to the sales line, we checked the model for any paint chips and defects. All good!

We also make sure that this item will be delivered to you properly with utmost care, reason why we don't just use any cheap delivery services out there that may cause damage during transit.

About RP-C3227

This particular aircraft bares manufacturing serial number 2183 in which it took its first flight in 2004. It was first in service with My Travel Airways in 2004 but on the same year of December, C3227 moved to Philippine Airlines.

After six years down the line C3227 together with sistership RP-C3228 were transfered from PAL to AirPhil Express, a new rebranded Air Philippines. This also signaled the switch from Boeing to Airbus for Air Philippines. Prior to this Air Philippines operated a fleet of old Boeing 737 jets.

In 2016, C3227 was retired from the PAL Express fleet (after rebranding in 2014) and was purchased by Philippines AirAsia. 

To this day though, RP-C3227 is still in storage. We don't know what's going to happen if it will be sold to a different airline.




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