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The Philippine Airlines Fokker F27 Mark 100

PAL envisioned the Fokker F-27 as a replacement for the DC-3. This aircraft first flew in 1955 and beat other twin-engine turboprops in sales. PAL had its first F27 in March 1960. As many as 18 F27s were in the fleet until all were retired in November 1972.

About the Fokker F27

Immediately after WW2, a large number of DC-3 aircraft became available on the commercial market. These aircraft provided, among other things, KLM with the opportunity to restart their post-war scheduled services. Fokker also went back to work to find a successor to the DC-3 with more passenger comfort, larger flight range and with economical and reliable engines.

In response to the DC-3, Fokker aircraft under the direction of Head Constructor Kees van Meerten, designed the F.27 Friendship, which would make its first flight on 24 November 1955, which lasted 34 minutes.

This high-decker aircraft, equipped with a pressurized cabin, had a large number of fuselage and wing parts that were manufactured with a glued sandwich construction. For that time a daring and revolutionary construction method.

The F.27 was powered by two reliable Rolls Royce Dart-6 gas turbine engines and fitted with four-bladed propellers. The Dart-6 was later replaced by the more powerful Dart-7 from Rolls Royce. The first prototype provided 28 passengers in the pressurized cabin which was later increased to 32 passengers by enlarging the fuselage by 1 meter.

The F.27 was intended for short and medium distance flying. A total of 787 Friendships were built, 581 at Fokker and 206 under license at the American Fairchild. Fairchild also made their own extended versions The F.27 has flown on almost all continents with hundreds of operators. Of the major countries, only Russia has never flown the F.27.

Fokker made a large number of special versions for their customers:

  1. F27-100 - original type, with 44 seats
  2. F27-200 - with Rolls Royce Dart 7 Mk 528 engines
  3. F27-300M - "Troopship" (for the Royal Netherlands Air Force)
  4. F27-400 - "combi" with Dart 7 Mk 528/532 engines and a cargo door
  5. F27-400M - "Troopship"
  6. F27-500 - extended version, with 52 seats
  7. F27-500F - extended F27-500 with small cargo door, which was designed for Australia
  8. F27-600 - combi version of the F27-200
  9. F27-700 - cargo version of the F27-100 with large cargo door

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  • Air-Britain Photographic Image Collection


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